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February 10th, 2010

10:11 am: ankle

Here is my first entry of my battle with the ice monster.  I did it in toondo.

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February 9th, 2010

08:40 am: ankle
It's all about my ankle these days.  Yesterday, I got to see what it looked like because I had to go to the doctor to exchange my splint for a cast.  It is all lumpy and bumpy and purply and swollen.  Yuk.  The doc seemed pleased, though.  He put me in a cast-I got to pick my color so I picked purple.  I actually asked for multicolored but he wan't inclined to grant that wish.

Anyway, I will have this thing on my leg for the next 4 weeks.  Now if all my other structural parts will survive this ordeal, perhaps I will be able to walk normally and avoid a knee replacement and reconstructive surgery on my shoulder!

Meanwhile, I am engaging in retail therpay -recommended by Dr Sullivan (I DO like this doctor!).  So far, I have bought scrapbooking supplies, software including Comic Life and Inspiration, and a nifty papercutter which will help me with my cardmaking.  I should take a break before I run out of money.   Perhaps today will be the day I don't buy anything. 

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February 13th, 2008

09:02 am: Voice Thread
I am

May 6th, 2007

10:31 am: my space vs blog
I still don't understand the difference. I suppose I am going to have to break down and open up a myspace account to see how it works. Why do people have both?

November 25th, 2006

01:24 pm: Anna Maria Island, 1968

I think this picture was taken in Holmes Beach on Anna Maria Island around 1968. I am about 12 years old and have really gotten down the "movie star wave". My little sister Anne, knows how to do that wave too.

We are leaning on an old Helmann (I might have spelled that wrong) car that was the first car my mother ever drove. My father taught her how to drive that car when she was in her 30's!
Can you believe she never learned before? But in that time, it was faily common for women to not know how to drive.

My mother decided to substitute teach and needed to be able to drive to do that. To her credit, she learned to drive a crotchety old car with manual transmission! She was always a terrible determined woman. We kids didn't know any better and loved lurching along with her. Eventually the ride got boring, because she got the hang of how to use the stick shift.

Learning to drive that car opened a whole new world for my mother. She eventually got her teaching degree and taught for many years as a high school English teacher.

Note the palm trees in the background. I lived in a gorgeous, exotic place growing up. I never really appreciated it until I moved away.

10:07 am: Colorado, 1962

This is a picture of my mother and her prize winning hat. She entered a crazy hat contest and took first place! My mother was very creative and was also a fabulous seamtress. We all benefited from the beautiful costumes she used to design for Halloween. The only one I regretted was the horse one- I had to be the back end. After that year, I took an active role in designing all future Halloween costumes!

Yes, that's me in the lower portion of the photo. Who knows why I am making that face? I have been told that I was "very curious" and do remember engaging in some activities that made my parents upset...like the time I used Comet to "clean" our new wood coffee table, or the time I cut all the hair off my mother's antique dolls. So, it is fair to say that I may have just done something I expected to get into trouble about.

This picture was taken in Littleton, Colorado sometime in 1961 or perhaps 1962.

November 18th, 2006

05:09 pm: Cold
I have been home for two days with a bad cold. Today, I am feeling better. It is so nice not to have a sore throat and all those body aches! Today, I went out shopping. I am shopping for a new bed. Our bed is OVER 25 years old so it is time. My goodness, they are expensive! It takes some getting used to think about how much they cost. After all, who wants to spend money on a bed? Here is the bed I want:

02:21 pm: Lorettachild2
originally uploaded by deskraf.
This is a picture of me when I was about 10 years old. I had lots of freckles which I hated. Living in Florida, I was in the sun all the time. Probably not so good for my skin but there were so many fun things to do outside. At the time of this photo, I lived on an island.

I spent lots of time at the fishing piers and at the beach swimming.

October 14th, 2006

11:00 am: Kim came to visit. Battlestar.

Kim came to visit this weekend. We are having a nice time. We went to lunch at Applebees. We got our hair cut. We went shopping for a new coat but didn't find one.

The culminating event was our Battleship Galactica Party. We ate bad stuff like chips, pizza, and starbursts for dessert. Tomorrow we will worry about our diets.

Battle star update. Did you know that it hurts the cylons to die? They come back to life in a new body but the pain gets worse each time they die. Here's a few questions- How is Battlestar Galactica going to move the whole population back up onto the ships? Do you think that Starbuck really has a baby or is it a trick?

I think too many people are married now. I wonder if they will let them stay married or if they will break up or even die.

Kim goes back on the bus on Sunday Morning. We will miss her.

September 17th, 2006

11:27 am: Gas Mileage
The young man in the front seat is my son, Stephen.  He is writing down the gas mileage to keep track of it.  It is his first car and he thinks about these things.  However, his younger brother, Reed, just doesn't think its very important.  That is why he is making a face!

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